About Us

Division Noir is a street clothing brand founded by Levi Scott in Oshkosh Wisconsin. “Division Noir” is a French medium that stands as the flagship of what it means to be a black sheep. The mantra “Stand out, trust no one, run everything” was adopted as the brand defining phrase that has shaped the Black Sheep Division into what it is today; a subculture of hustlers and dreamers curating their own paths through life on journeys of discovery and empowerment in themselves and others.

In 2012 Division Noir creator Levi Scott moved to Orlando Florida in pursuit of a career in the fitness industry, working for himself as a personal trainer and life coach. It was there he met fitness lifestyle clothing brand owner Rob Bailey, who inspired him to take his ideas and beliefs to another level. With these goals in mind, Levi moved back to Wisconsin to begin graphic design school as well as learning to cut, sew, and screen print. Division Noir has become the culmination of over two years of learning, and creativity. The concept of the brand was built on Levi’s beliefs of what it means to be a black sheep and a hustler, while always remaining humble. With this foundation in mind, individuality and originality became the cornerstones of the brand, with every piece being hand printed by Levi. The beauty of the hand printing process is that no two garments will ever be exactly the same, creating original one of a kind pieces that no one else on the planet will own. Currently only special releases are printed by Levi. Currently Levi Scott lives in Las Vegas Nevada expanding Division Noir, and his designer brand Levi Scott Company.